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November 19, 2019

Sequencing technology is presently going much deeper, and wider

Sequencing technology is presently going much deeper, and wider

The part of brand new technology

Sequencing technology is presently going deeper, and wider. Short-read sequencing happens to be increasingly affordable, resulting in deeper protection of genomes and transcriptomes. We think that this can continue to affect research on intercourse chromosome development by broadening the scope that is taxonomical studies intending at understanding intercourse chromosome transitions and turnovers 83, and allowing studies of sex-biased genes with low expression. Nevertheless, probably the most revolutionizing technical advancements are long-read sequencing strategies ( ag e.g. solitary molecule real-time sequencing). These procedures will enhance genome assemblies generally speaking, plus in structurally regions which can be difficulte.g. Y and W) in specific 99 web sites, to be able to test a few hypotheses in a relative framework, such as the part of transposable elements and structural alterations in intercourse chromosome evolution 8,58.

Also, isoform sequencing of full-length transcripts should be able to shed light that is new sex-specific exon use, and predictions regarding dosage compensation and gene silencing 100. Read More