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July 15, 2020

Queen Victoria’s crazy royal intercourse diaries revealed

Queen Victoria’s crazy royal intercourse diaries revealed

Why don’t we all have a history that is quick, shall we.

Through the Victorian age, piano feet were frequently covered up for modesty’s sake because of their vaguely phallic nature.

Ladies had been infamously told to, “Lie right straight right right back and think about England” on the wedding evenings. It absolutely was considered actually impossible for ladies to savor intercourse because of the pre-eminent doctors for the time.

Therefore, it can seem sensible that Queen Victoria, the beloved Uk monarch for the time, had been equally chaste and demure, right? While watering that she would spend her evenings buttoning herself up into ankle-length hessian underwear and averting her eyes every time one of her gardeners accidentally doused himself? Read More