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September 9, 2020

HETEROSEXUAL: intimate attraction to users of the opposite gender.

HETEROSEXUAL: intimate attraction to users of the opposite gender.

HOMOSEXUAL: intimate attraction to people in exactly the same sex (homosexual). HORNY: intimately tense; looking for sexual joy.

HUNG: relates to a guy having a large penis.

HWP: Height-Weight Proportionate; somebody who are at their body that is ideal fat.

INDOOR/INDOOR SPORTS: moving tasks generally speaking.

THINKING ABOUT FRIENDSHIP: Seeks a swinging relationship that features psychological and values that are recreational.

IRL: In true to life; Used in ads or online talk.

ISO: In Search Of; Applied in advertisements; MWC ISO Solitary Female.

FABRIC: A fetish; intimate stimulation through the putting on or pressing of leather-based or fabric clothes.

LESBIAN: a female intimately and emotionally interested in other females.

LIFE: Another method of saying “swinger. ”

LS: Quick for “lifestyle. ”

LTR: Long Haul Relationship.

MARITAL AIDS: Dildos, vibrators, as well as other products blonde granny porn utilized for sexual joy of self among others.

MASOCHISM: intimate gratification through obtaining pain and humiliation from others.

MASTER/SLAVE: Participants in a bondage and control intimate relationship.

MATROOM: room put aside for team intercourse. Principally an eastern US term (see team space). Read More