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December 3, 2019

Dear Abby: Guilt keeps spouse in wedding to man battling with PTSD

Dear Abby: Guilt keeps spouse in wedding to man battling with PTSD

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DEAR ABBY: i have already been hitched to my hubby odessa brides for marriage for 17 years. After many years, we recognized he previously some despair problems. A decade ago, he stopped working and has been at home ever since after he was diagnosed with PTSD.

We work full-time, settle the debts, care for the young kids, run the errands, drop the children off at practice, clean your house, every thing! He does absolutely nothing but rest. He remains during sex for several days at a time and showers once weekly. We now haven’t slept when you look at the exact same room in 5 years.

I’m so lonely. We hate being married to him, and I’m perhaps perhaps not sure exactly how their despair impacts my young ones. He takes medicine but does not want to visit a therapist. I would like to keep and have now a life. Personally I think stuck in this marriage away from guilt. just What do i actually do? — HAD IT IN KENTUCKY

DEAR HAD IT: Make a consultation on your own with an authorized health that is mental to go over your circumstances and your shame. Please try this just before have psychological or real breakdown through the stress you will be under.

For your children’s sake — because you are all they have while I sympathize with your husband’s mental problems, the fact that he refuses to do all he can to fix them tells me it is time to take care of yourself. Read More